I am a self taught makeup artist living in Launceston, Tasmania Australia. I have had a passion for makeup artistry for over 10 years, following me from adolescence right through to adulthood. Makeup helps me gain confidence in not only my appearance but in my creative abilities. I am learning to embrace my imperfections and accept them as unique characteristics rather than flaws.

"Playing" with makeup truly makes me happy and inspired. 

My 'real' job is primary school teaching, which is too a passion, however it does not offer the same creative release that makeup artistry does. I love experimenting with colour and new trends which is consistently changing.  I actively interact with the global beauty community through various social media outlets. I pride myself in using high quality products to ensure the longevity of the makeup application. 

I believe in making people feel beautiful in their own skin. I get such a buzz from seeing my clients reactions when they catch their first glimpse in the mirror of the end result, it's why I continue to do what I do. 





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